Resins and Ironed Suede Leather

The suede leather is resins and ironed on the reverse to contract the hair and stabilize the stretch. In this way we achieve uniformity and gain versatility to be able to use this side of the skin as a lining aspect.

S.P Box

Suede leather is covered with a plasticized layer that gives the skin a finishing look and is used in several shoe applications.

Suede Leather Insole

Suede leather designed specifically for use in footwear insole.

Leather Sole

4-5 mm thickness leather perfect for the sole of the shoe. It is thick and hard used in footwear. This article has a high resistance to abrasion and is water resistant.

Military Footwear

In the military industry, the materials undergo a minimum level of efforts of resistance, temperature and extreme weather conditions. Therefore, leather used in footwear must have special requirements that must be considered from the tanning of leather

Professional Footwear

In this industry, safety is a key element for our work and leather, as a component of footwear, must have special qualities, which are incorporated from the tanning process.

Sports Footwear

Extreme sports activities are becoming stronger and manufacturers of this type of footwear want to increase resistance and comfort. The skin used is a fundamental element and therefore, the tanning and finishing of the leather is designed to endow it with special properties, which provide the final footwear with the desired qualities.